What to take for multiple weeks of cycling can be a tough topic, however lack of knowledge shouldn't stop you. A small bit of understanding is all you need and the rest you will figure out on the way.  Plus that is what we're here for!

Feel free to contact us directly about this one 

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Which Bike?
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I cycled across China with a friend who used a bike he salvaged from a rubbish dump in Edinburgh.

Remember it's not the bike but the rider. 

However, to make life easier for you I would choose a gravel/adventure style bike over an aggressive road bike, or mountain bike. The comfort of upright riding and speed of a gravel/adventure bike is a great balance, similar benefits can be made with a hybrid or endurance road bike.

Check out our Bike Buying Guide and Kit Advice in the PDFs at the bottom of this page for more information. 

Want to Hire a Bike?

If you would like to hire a bike during your Journey let the Mammoth Team know

The rates vary depending on the bike you are hiring and the length of the Journey you are using it. For the entire Camino Quest rates are £200 and for the entire Asian Gateway £300. 

Bikes will be supplied by Marin Bikes where clients can rent either a Gestalt, Four Corners, or a Fairfax bike.

Cycle Equipment cycle touring bike hire mammoth Journeys European cycle tours

Cycle Jerseys

Guided Cyclig Holidays Across Europe

Want the iconic orange tusks to give you strength on your next ride!?

If you are interested in purchasing a Mammoth Journeys cycle jersey please get in touch

All riders who complete a tour with us will receive their choice of either the black or white jersey absolutely FREE, however if you just can't wait grab yours now! 

Mammoth Journeys has been very fortunate to partner with great companies such as Marin Bikes and Thule


For full details of our partner companies and their products they offer please click here

Bike Buying Guide
Kit Advice

Cycling Holidays 

Cycling Holidays 

Cycling Holidays 

Cycling Holidays 

Cycling Holidays 

Cycling Holidays