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What bike to pick for your next cycling adventure can be a tough choice, however lack of knowledge shouldn't stop you. A small bit of understanding is all you need and hopefully some of the bike reviews we have done can help you decide. 

Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions at on this. 

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Which Bike?

I cycled across China with a friend who used a bike he salvaged from a rubbish dump in Edinburgh.

Remember it's not the bike but the rider. 

The type of bike you pick will massively depend on the type of riding you do with it. First figure out what type of riding you want to do, and then from there tailor your search so it fits the bill. Remember most bikes will be designed with a certain style of riding in mind, and perhaps won't be as suited to other types of riding. It's then a decision you need to make where you are willing to sacrifice on design. 

Check out our Bike Buying Guide and Kit Advice in the PDFs at the bottom of this page for more information. 

Bike Review Videos 

Over the years we have been very fortunate to be partnered with Marin BikesWe have used their bikes on all sorts of adventures and in a great position to pass on our thoughts on how they perform, and which scenario they are best suited. 

On our YouTube channel we have reviewed these bikes to give you a great insight whether these bikes would be suited for you and your needs. Not everyone will need these bikes and in the videos we highlight who these bikes may not be suitable for as well. 

So far we have reviewed the Marin Four Corners, Gestalt, Nicasio+, Bobcat Trail 5, and Kentfield ST2. Keep an eye out for the next instalments. 

Cycling Equipment

Alongside our Marin bike reviews we also check out a wide range of cycling equipment. This can be luggage from Thule, cycling computers from Wahoo, Shimano shoes and pedals, , Planet X Saddle Bag, the Apidura Frame bag and everything else you can think of. Most of it positive but unfortunately or the Lezyne Hand Pump this was not the case. 

For us having robust and practical kit, which is affordable and stands the test of time is really important. Find out which kit ticks all the boxes, and which kit is a total flop.

Mammoth Journeys has been very fortunate to partner with great companies such as Marin Bikes and Thule


For full details of our partner companies and their products they offer please click here

Bike Buying Guide
Kit Advice
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