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Mammoth Journeys understand the importance of reliable and high quality equipment. 

We only associate with the best products available from leading brands all over the world, and with those whose morals and values mirror ours at Mammoth.  

Guided Cyclig Holidays Across Europe

Thule helps you transport anything you care for safely, easily and in style so that you are free to live your active life. Thule believe in the value of an active life – whether you're in the city or the great outdoors. For our own health and happiness as human beings, and ultimately for the respect and care we then give to the world around us.


Thule have provided Mammoth with the transport solutions for the bikes on tour, this includes the Wingbar and ProRide 598, along with a RoundTrip Travel CaseOur guides are also using the bulletproof Shield handlebar bag, Rail hydration bag, and saddle bag, and the Crossover Duffel for our luggage. 

Guided Cyclig Holidays Across Europe

Marin's philosophy says it all; We believe that bikes make us better people: healthier, more relaxed, and happier. It is our mission to get you on a bike, and to make sure that you have a good time doing it.  

Developed out of Marin Country California since 1986 their range of bikes caters for casual cyclists and hardcore extreme bikers.


Marin has provided our cycle guides for the season with their Nicasio+ adventure bikes. Previously we had the privilege of using their Gestalt gravel bike, their Four Corners touring bike from their adventure range, and their Bobcat Trail 5 hardtail mountain bike.  

If you would like to create a partnership with Mammoth Journeys please contact us here and tell us all about it. 

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