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Create Purpose - What does it mean?

I am a physiotherapist by trade. I currently work in a private practice where in any given week I can treat a 5 year old, all the way up to a 90 year old. I see anything from couch potatoes, weekend warriors, age group national champs and everything along the spectrum. Treating an extremely lazy, non-driven individual gives me a good kick to make sure I don't end up living their lifestyle. Similarly, if I have a dedicated patient who applies themselves to wherever their passion lies, whether it be work, art, sport, family; this also inspires me to match their effort and commitment.

A particular patient's story stood out and became the driving force behind Mammoth Journey's motto.

One afternoon I had a patient in their early 30's currently between employment. She had suffered a knee injury which was thankfully minor and wouldn't impact greatly on her general day to day activities. To gain a baseline of what was ‘normal' daily activity for this patient I needed to know what she did on an average day. She stated that prior to injury she would wake up from anywhere between midday and 4 pm, generally just watch television and then go to sleep between midnight and 6 am. When asked about her hobbies she couldn't recall any. Nor was there one specific activity outside general day to day function (stairs, on/off bed, getting dressed etc) that she needed to return to. I should take this opportunity to explain that from my perspective she seemed happy, she would always be jovial during the sessions and engaged fully - obviously a full assessment of her mental well-being is a way beyond my remit!

I had seen patients like this before; unemployed and a general lack of activity. However, for whatever reason on this occasion, this patient struck a cord with me. I really struggled to understand this patient’s daily timeline. I then asked, "So what do you do all day?". There was an awkward silence as she pondered this question. To help break the silence I moved the conversation on. Later that day I discussed this awkward conversation with a colleague. They summed up her situation perfectly; "She has no purpose. No purpose to get up and do anything."

The Oxford dictionary defines purpose as:

“The reason for which something is done or created, or for which something exists”.

I loved that word purpose. It made me question myself in a whole new way.

What is my purpose? What is my reason for doing something? What is my reason for existing? What's my purpose to get up in the morning? What purpose do I have to work harder? What purpose do I have to try something new? What purpose motivates me to keep going when any sane person would've quit?

Following this epiphany analyzing myself, I also observed others in a different light.

What is their purpose? I gain such satisfaction when I see someone's purpose for their passion. To watch someone so animated and passionate about their love is amazing. Even if it is something I know nothing about, or have no devotion for, to see someone fully apply themselves to a topic they love is a pleasure to observe. Conversely, when I meet someone who has no purpose I feel sorry for them. I feel they are missing out on so much. I often feel like grabbing them by the shoulders and shaking some life into them.

I then started to think how amazing it would be if someone with no purpose were to experience what it was like to have that drive, passion and work ethic for that greater purpose. To wake up each morning with a goal to work towards, to change their outlook on life and create a positive development in themselves. This was when "Create Purpose" became the motto for Mammoth Journeys.

If you find yourself asking what your purpose is and are unable to confidently answer, then perhaps you need to create your own purpose.

Check out The Journeys we offer to see how your life can start creating that purpose.

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