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The Best Countries for Cycling

Deciding where to go on your next cycling holiday can be a tough decision to make.

Hopefully this list and blog will inspire you on your next cycling adventure and open the possibilities of where to travel to next.

My list for the best countries to cycle in are:

  1. Holland

  2. Germany

  3. Japan

  4. Canada

  5. New Zealand


Holland is renowned for its extensive and well-maintained cycling infrastructure ensuring easy and safe navigation for cyclists throughout the country.

The predominantly flat landscape of Holland makes cycling accessible to riders of all skill levels, providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Dutch cities, such as Amsterdam and Utrecht, prioritize cyclists with dedicated bike lanes, traffic signals, and ample parking facilities, creating a cyclist-friendly urban environment.

Cycling is deeply ingrained in Dutch culture, with locals embracing bikes as a primary mode of transportation, contributing to a supportive and respectful environment for cyclists. The Netherlands prioritizes cyclist safety with well-marked paths, clear signage, and a general awareness and respect for cyclists on the roads.

Cyclists can explore the charming countryside, dotted with windmills, tulip fields, and historic villages, offering a scenic and culturally rich backdrop.

Holland's commitment to sustainability is evident in the promotion of cycling as an eco-friendly means of travel, aligning with the country's environmental consciousness.

Cycling in Holland provides the opportunity to explore cultural and historical sites, including museums, historic landmarks, and architectural treasures, enhancing the overall cycling experience.

Holland Amsterdam Cycling
The home of the bicycle


Germany stands out as an outstanding destination for cycling enthusiasts, offering a blend of urban and rural experiences with well-marked bike routes. The country boasts a well-developed cycling infrastructure, featuring dedicated bike paths, well-marked routes, and bike-friendly urban planning. This commitment to cycling is evident through initiatives like the EuroVelo network, providing extensive cycling routes across Europe.

Cyclists have the opportunity to explore historic cities, charming villages, and picturesque countryside, all with a strong emphasis on safety and accessibility. Major cities such as Berlin, Munich, and Hamburg prioritize cycling as a sustainable mode of transportation, offering dedicated lanes, bike-sharing programs, and cyclist-friendly public transportation options. Urban areas are thoughtfully designed to ensure a safe and enjoyable city cycling experience.

Germany's countryside is adorned with quaint villages, vineyards, and scenic landscapes, providing a delightful backdrop for cyclists. Well-maintained cycling routes traverse picturesque regions, offering a perfect blend of cultural exploration and natural beauty. Cyclists can delve into the country's rich history and culture, passing by historic castles, medieval towns, and cultural landmarks.

The diverse regions of Germany provide a wide array of cycling experiences, from the serene Rhine Valley to the challenging Alpine routes. With terrains ranging from flat riverside paths to more demanding routes in the Bavarian Alps, Germany caters to cyclists of varying skill levels and preferences. The country's efficient public transportation system allows cyclists to seamlessly integrate biking with other modes of travel, facilitating convenient long-distance touring and exploration of multiple regions in a single trip.

Germany's commitment to cyclist safety is evident in well-designed infrastructure, clear signage, and strict adherence to traffic rules. The overall respect for cyclists on the roads contributes significantly to a safer and more enjoyable cycling experience


Japan presents a variety of terrains, ranging from urban landscapes to scenic countryside and challenging mountainous regions, offering cyclists diverse and engaging experiences.

Cities like Kyoto have embraced cycling with dedicated bike lanes, bike-sharing programs, and urban planning that is conducive to cycling, ensuring a convenient and enjoyable exploration for cyclists.

The country's diverse topography, spanning urban to rural areas, caters to a spectrum of cycling preferences and skill levels, providing a well-rounded cycling experience.

Cycling in Japan opens up opportunities for riders to immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage, explore historic sites, and traverse traditional landscapes, creating a uniquely immersive experience.

During spring, cyclists can delight in iconic cherry blossom routes, offering a visually stunning and unforgettable journey through blooming landscapes.

For those seeking more adventurous rides, Japan provides opportunities for off-road and mountain biking adventures, featuring dedicated trails and paths to satisfy cyclists looking for challenges.

Japan's hospitality extends to bike-friendly accommodations, including ryokans and guesthouses, which cater to cyclists by providing secure bike storage and additional amenities.

The efficient public transportation system in Japan seamlessly complements cycling, allowing riders to integrate biking with trains and buses for extended exploration and travel convenience.

In conclusion, Japan stands out as an excellent destination for cycling enthusiasts due to its combination of diverse landscapes, cycling infrastructure, cultural richness, and robust safety measures.

Japan Cycling Routes
Japan Cycling


Canada features a wealth of diverse and awe-inspiring landscapes, encompassing mountains, forests, lakes, and coastlines, providing cyclists with a visually stunning and varied backdrop.

The country boasts an extensive network of cycling trails, including the Trans Canada Trail, offering cyclists ample opportunities for extensive journeys and exploration.

Cities like Vancouver and Montreal in Canada prioritize cycling, evident in dedicated bike lanes, bike-sharing programs, and urban planning that fosters a safe and convenient environment for cyclists.

Cyclists in Canada have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the abundance of natural wildlife and explore national parks, creating a harmonious blend of outdoor adventure and the serenity of nature.

The nation hosts diverse cycling events and festivals, catering to a broad spectrum of interests and skill levels, nurturing a lively and inclusive cycling community.

Canadian friendliness is mirrored in the cycling culture, where a supportive community encourages both recreational and competitive cycling pursuits.

The Trans-Canada Highway stands as an iconic route for cyclists, offering a unique chance to traverse the entire country and witness its geographical and cultural diversity.

Canada's four-season climate accommodates year-round cycling, with winter enthusiasts reveling in the adventure of fat biking through snowy landscapes.

Cities in Canada invest in cycling infrastructure and safety measures, evident in well-marked bike lanes and a general respect for cyclists, ensuring a secure and enjoyable cycling experience.

Exploring different regions allows cyclists to embrace Canada's cultural diversity, each area offering a distinctive blend of history, art, and cuisine.

New Zealand

New Zealand stands out as an exceptional destination for cycling enthusiasts, and there are numerous compelling reasons to explore its diverse landscapes.

Renowned for its breathtaking scenery, New Zealand encompasses majestic mountains, serene lakes, picturesque coastlines, and lush greenery. Cyclists can relish captivating views along meticulously maintained roads and trails, ensuring a visually rewarding experience.

The country offers a spectrum of terrains, ranging from challenging mountainous regions to more leisurely coastal routes, catering to cyclists of all skill levels and preferences. Noteworthy locations such as Queenstown, with its mountainous landscapes, and the scenic coastal trails of the Coromandel Peninsula further enhance the cycling experience.

New Zealand has established an expanding network of cycling paths and trails, facilitating safe exploration of the country. Dedicated cycling routes exemplify the nation's commitment to promoting cycling as both a recreational activity and a practical mode of transportation.

Kiwis embrace a cycling-friendly culture, manifesting in a welcoming attitude towards cyclists sharing the roads. Notable cycling-friendly cities, such as Wellington and Dunedin, contribute to a positive cycling atmosphere.

The country's emphasis on outdoor activities and adventure sports seamlessly aligns with the cycling ethos, fostering a supportive environment for cyclists. Adventure hubs like Rotorua exemplify this spirit, offering thrilling trails and tracks for off-road and mountain biking enthusiasts.

New Zealand prioritizes cyclist safety, evident in the presence of dedicated cycling lanes and paths across various regions. Locations like Nelson and Hawke's Bay showcase this commitment to ensuring a secure cycling experience.

Accessibility is further enhanced through convenient bike rental services, enabling visitors to effortlessly explore cities, countryside, and renowned tourist attractions on two wheels. Popular cycling destinations, including the Alps to Ocean cycle trail, Otago Central Rail Trail and the West Coast Wilderness Trail, showcase New Zealand's commitment to facilitating cycling exploration.

Beyond its natural beauty, cycling in New Zealand provides a distinctive opportunity to delve into Maori culture, explore historic sites, and meander through charming towns. Iconic places like Rotorua and Taupo offer a cultural richness that complements the overall cycling experience.

In essence, New Zealand's diverse landscapes, cycling infrastructure, cultural depth, and safety measures collectively make it an unparalleled destination for cycling enthusiasts.

Any countries you would add to this list?

Obviously it is impossible to make a top 5, and also ridiculous to keep it at 5!

Happy Riding,


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