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52 New Things in a Year!

We have all heard the saying before ‘the world is your oyster’, but many of us fail to realise that it actually IS! The world is playground with many swings, many slides – something for everyone if you just go looking for it. There are so many places to walk, ride, drive and many beautiful things see, eat, drink if we just branch out a little from our comfort zones.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – this is all good and well if you have time and money on your hands but we all do not have that luxury! However this doesn’t have to be ‘one night in Bangkok’ like Murray Head sings about! You could experience these amazing things as close as your own backyard.

Last year, myself and Rich made a pact to do something new each week as we had just moved to New Zealand together. This didn’t have to be anything big, it could have been something as small as walk up that hill behind our house that we had not yet done, or cook a new cuisine that we hadn’t yet tried. Granted, there were weekends away where we easily managed to find something new to do, but there were also weeks where it got to Sunday and we had to quickly check out if there was any cool festival on or any trail we hadn’t walked! But we made it - 52 new things in New Zealand for the year of 2016!!

I remember one week where we hadn’t done anything new and only remembered on the Sunday morning. Hastily looking up ‘whats on in Wellington’ we found a Pop-up-sauna that had just started over the winter months. Rich wasn’t particularly keen on it after we had both had a busy weekend and I had study to do at home. But as this was our only option for that week, we went along on the Sunday night – checked out this brand new initiative for $5 and ✔, new thing done for the week! Afterwards, I remember Rich saying ‘that was actually pretty cool and I would never have done that normally’. So our little pact that we made earlier that year MADE us get out and experience something new.

So get out there!!

Try mountain biking that new trail down the road, make that new meal for friends that you've been putting off or walk up that hill to watch the sunrise – no one ever regrets getting up at dawn to go a watch a beautiful sunrise over the water! Just magical.

Let us know how you get on – if you start your quest to do 52 new things use the hashtag #mammoth52newthings so we can see all the exciting new experiences!

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