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Why Everyone can go on a Cycling Adventure

What kind of people join our cycling holidays?

As you can probably tell from our website and social media platforms, there are two things we love at Mammoth. First thing is travel, second is cycling. Actually, we love all things which promote a healthy and active lifestyle - be it walking, swimming, dancing. Pretty much anything that gets you up and moving!

Combing our two passions of travel and cycling, it allows a great way to keep fit and healthy, whilst experiencing a country and its culture.

Life passes by very quickly, so it's important you fill doing what you love. One day you may not be able to go on a cycle adventure, make sure you don't regret the opportunity for a unique life changing experience.

It’s for this reason why we originally set up Mammoth Journeys, so that others could experience all the positives that come with a cycle adventure. To give you the confidence to start, and help you facilitate that positive lifestyle change. No matter how fit, old, or inexperienced you are at cycling.

So, what kind of people join us for our cycling holidays, and is it for you?

Unlike the stereotype of certain cycling groups, which require an expensive bike, ridiculous clothes, over the top technical jargon and are mostly white middle-aged men - we are a lot more inclusive and a lot less pretentious than that.

Woman or man, young or old, novice or experienced, Lycra clad or baggy t-shirt. We really have no set mould or criteria with which you are acquired to fit before you can join one of our Journeys.

We have had weekend warriors who enjoy a steady pace of riding, regular coffee and attraction stops, wearing casual sports gear and trainers, and at times use the support vehicle on the long up-hills. Whilst at the same time we also have the speed demons looking for that next KOM who want to improve their average speed each day using clip in pedals. We attract it all at Mammoth.

Mammoth Journeys Cycling Holidays

Relaxing in the sun after arriving into Burgos, Spain

It’s for this reason the simple answer to who will join us on our cycling holidays is; “everyone and anyone who is willing”.

If you want to set off on an adventure, experience a country’s culture first hand, all within a fun and supportive environment– then Mammoth Journeys may be just for you.

Enjoy the comradery of a team environment, where your speed is irrelevant, the experience unforgettable and the enjoyment is paramount.

Our aim is for you to have fun, create stories, and have a positive impact on your life for future endeavours. Our riders are friendly and inclusive where we strive to break down any barrier which is stopping you starting your Journey.

Mammoth Journeys Cycling Holiday

The beautiful northern Spain views make any climb worth it


We are also able to devise a comprehensive training programme to take you from the short local circuit you are currently enjoying, to being able to cycle across Europe, and break down any barriers or concerns you have about starting your first cycling adventure.

If the idea of a Mammoth Journeys trip sounds like something you would be interested in, but not sure if you are capable, send us an email to ask, or drop us a line - even just to say hi. Don't put it off, make the most of today – because you never know what is around the corner!

Set yourself that goal, and commit to that once-in-a-lifetime Journey, because you don’t want to look back on this time and regret not pursuing your passion. .

Happy riding Mammoth fans!

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