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Why we welcome e-bikers.

Over the past year we have been asked by clients and friends our opinion of E-bikes, and if they would be allowed on our Journeys. I thought writing a blog about this was a good opportunity for anyone else with these questions, to know our thoughts.

Most people will have seen the rise in popularity of the E-bike. Traditionally popular in the style of old Dutch type bikes; upright riding used for short city commuting to the shops, however in recent years E-bikes have been used in a variety of other cycling disciplines, including road bikes and also mountain bikes. This has increased the range of people who use them, making them much more popular. Coupled with the fact technology advances have meant the bikes and batteries have improved, the range and speed a cyclist can go, and also the type of riding they can enjoy has also increased.

Giant E-Bike

The speed of which an E-bike can travel, along with the risk it exposes to pedestrians and other road users, has been debated recently in the news, however this forum is not the place for that. That can be put alongside segregated cycle ways and compulsory helmet use, all great conversations that need to take place, but would require a much lengthier and legally technical blog than what we offer here! One thing that also needs to be considered is the new EU law change which came about in May this year, in which certain countries have made necessary for e-bike users to have third party motorcycle insurance.

As we have explained in other blogs, one of the reasons Mammoth was created was for people who want a cycling adventure but perhaps lack the confidence, we provide them the platform to experience that once-in-a-lifetime Journey.

So if a certain individual requires an E-bike to perform the adventure, that is absolutely fine with us. The individual who is using an E-bike will still find the cycling tough at times, and will still have that overwhelming feeling of self-pride of completing their Journey. It is all relative and personal.

If you never use an E-bike for your club rides, using an E-bike for one of our Journeys doesn’t make sense. However if you have an E-bike at home which helps you explore the area, gives a helping hand on them tough inclines, the likelihood of you participating in one of our Journeys on a non electric bike is very slim.

So why would we exclude a group of individuals who are on their own adventure. Remember this is your Journey, and will be different to someone elses. It is not a one-size-fits-all process, it is individual.

If I were cycling up the Glossglockner on our Gateway Journey on a non-electric bike, would my feeling of accomplishment getting to the top be diminised if there were a cyclist in the group on an E-bike? No.

Likewise the individual who was using an E-bike on the same ride, they are unlikely to feel anything but shear satisfaction at the end of their climb. Neither of our Journeys are effected by the others choice of bike, and we both get to have a great ride.

Glossglockner Alpine Pass

Glossglockner Apline Pass is completed on the Asian Gateway Journey

A choice of an e-bike could also be for those individuals who can currently ride short distances on a non-electric bike, but worry that our daily distances on the Journeys would be too much. Using an e-bike could be an option to bridge that gap, and make it possible for you to be riding with the group all day, versus using the support vehicle once you get too tired. At Mammoth we are pretty flexible and inclusive, so anything we can do to get you on a bike and enjoying yourself, we are generally pretty keen.

So if you currently ride an E-bike and are interested in joining one our Journeys then get in touch, you are more than welcome and we’d love to have you along. If you think an E-bike is the little help you need to complete one of your Journeys but a bit unsure, then again get in touch for a chat and we can see what we can do.

Let us know your thoughts on this topic Mammoth fans, and as always - happy riding!

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