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Continued Partnership with Thule and Marin Bikes

Earlier in the year we excitably announced in posts on our social media channels that both Thule and Marin have decided to continue their partnership with us for the 2019 season.

We are so happy to have two great companies offer us support and to help us carry out our Journeys for the season.

Last year Thule supplied us with some ProRide 598 bike racks to go on top of some Wing Bar roof racks, along with some Shield saddle and handlebar bags. We were so impressed with the ease of the bike racks, we actually did a video review of the product. This wasn’t asked for by Thule, we just wanted to help those out there who were a little stuck on the subject.

Marin Bikes and Thule on the Camino

This year Thule have supplied us with a Roundtrip Transition hard case bike box, an awesome collection of luggage, and a Motion XT Sports roof box.

As our Journeys are changing in terms of numbers and destinations, the necessity for more space, and the availability to safely transport our bikes are key.

At the end of the season we intend to do a review of the bike box and roof box, along with the luggage we received this year – and with the luggage we received last year.

Thule Equipment for 2020

We are so extremely happy to have Thule on board with us. Their products have such a reputation of high quality, and they really make the transport side of the Journeys so much easier. So thank you again Thule for your partnership, and we are massively looking forward to using your products for this season.

The other company to continue their partnership with Mammoth was Marin bikes. The Californian company who now have a base here in UK, develop some seriously strong bikes, that are unbelievably comfortable to ride.

For us these two qualities are so important in our choice of bikes for the Journeys, and we can not sacrifice either quality when picking a bike for the season.

Last year we were fortunate enough to use the Marin Four Corners for our trips. They are a steel framed tourer, and as you might expect pretty bomb-proof, however equally as important at the end of the long day on the saddle, there was never any aches of pains. They are a seriously comfortable bike, capable of going anywhere.

For our guides it is imperative to have trust in what we are riding, and with multiple days in the saddle, we needed to make sure we keep going with no niggles, meaning we enjoy every pedal stroke.

Marin Four Corners on the Camino

This year Marin are supplying us with bikes from their Gestalt range. These are gravel bikes, similar geometry to the Four Corners, but as they are a little lighter should be easier on the long climbs in the Pyrenees and Alps, along with transporting them on/off the support vehicle.

Once again we will release a video review of the product at the end of season to let you know how we got on, and the differences we experienced between the two models.

We love the ethos of Marin, their love of all things cycling, and their passion on building such quality bikes.

So a final thank you to both Thule and Marin, we really appreciate the support, and can not wait to test the products on our routes this year.

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