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Bike Packing Luggage Review

If you are looking to start your bike packing journey and not sure what kit to buy then perhaps our two latest reviews will help you out.

Navigating the ridiculous options available when buying bike packing luggage can feel a little overwhelming. I am trying to make the whole experience a little easier by giving some honest and simple feedback from the hard testing I put my kit through.

As you know for me robustness is the most important feature on equipment closely followed by simplistic practicality. I am happy to spend money on certain products but if I do then I expect a high level of quality to match this price. Normally however I am limited to my funds available and have to take something mid-market.

The first piece of kit I reviewed was the Apidura Frame bag which I bought specifically for my Germany Christmas cycle trip where I cycled from Winchester to Treis-Karden of over 700km in 2 days. You can read all about the frame bags features and what my thoughts are on it here. This bag wasn't without it's flaws, but overall performed well.

It wasn't until I was on the hunt for a saddle bag did I appreciate how expensive the frame bag was, which made me rethink the pound-for-pound value.

Apidura Frame Bag Review
Apidura Frame Bag Review

The second piece of kit to add to your collection or potentially upgrade your current set up is the Planet X PODSAC Saddle bag. Simply put this kit blew me away. Reasonable price, amazing quality and incredibly practical - check out all the features in the full review here.

This has completely recalibrated what I now have as a benchmark for quality kit. I bought it specifically for my King Alfred Way Cycle and it was amazing. Other than one stupid fail I did on the set up where I was completely moronic - it has been great. You can see the fail on the video of that trip over on our YouTube channel.

I am hoping over the next few weeks to upload the video review from these bags as well but just finding it tough to find the time - but it will be out soon!

Have you used these bits of kit at all?

Was there anything I don't comment on that you think should be mentioned?

Do you agree or disagree with what I said?

I'd love to know what others found when they used this kit.

As always don't forget you can keep up to speed with all our adventures on our Instagram and Facebook page.

Happy riding Mammoth Fans,



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