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How to Pack a Saddle Bag - Secret Hack!

Last month I released a video review of the amazing Planet X PODSAC Saddle Bag. This bag is absolutely amazing and if you are looking for a new saddle bag then this would be a great option.

It is robust, practical and at a really reasonable price point - what is not to love?

What I loved about it was how well it packed and attached onto the bike making for a smooth ride, and the quality of the materials used means it is super waterproof specifically thanks to it's tarpaulin liner. I gave it a good solid trial during the King Alfred way cycle last summer - a 350km gravel route.

Here is the video of the full review:

If you prefer to read the review and have a bit more background on it then check out the full written review here.

But if you already have a saddle bag and instead just want to know how to pack it better, saving you time and space. Then this video is for you and get ready to change the way you pack your saddle bag.

Let us know what you think. Was it helpful? Any other tips or hack you have which has helped your bikepacking set up?

I hope you enjoy the content and remember to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see what adventures we are up.

Happy riding Mammoth Fans!



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