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Marin Gestalt Video Review

Watch the Marin Gestalt video review now which is live on YouTube

Since Mammoth Journeys started we have had the support of the great Marin Bikes for our cycles.

In the past 12 months we have been using their Gestalt bike for our trips and personal adventures.

As when we used their Four Corners in the first year we have decided to do a video review of the Gestalt.

We really enjoyed the Gestalt as it was a little lighter than the Four Corners which meant taking on/off the car at hotels was a little easier, and going around cities and town pulling away from the lights was a little easier.

As the frame was alloy and not steel it meant at times it wasn't as comfortable as the Four Corners, but the geometry was such that for a long ride (600km for example) it was still very easy on the joints.

As we had a chance to compare the two we then decided to make a video comparing the two bikes for those who can't decide on which one they would pick.

So as normal please let us know your thoughts on the bikes and don't forget to keep an eye on our next adventure over on Instagram.


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