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Mammoth Journeys - The Start

Welcome to the first blog of Mammoth Journeys. Today we'll go over why we created Mammoth Journeys and what we aim to achieve.

In the past, when I have been completing some pretty cool adventures, my expedition partner and I would toy with the idea of showcasing a “regular” day to those at home. We would find ourselves in interesting scenarios and wished we could showcase this to friends and family. By experiencing that overwhelming self pride following completion of an expedition, we once again wished others could feel such elation. Finally, once we returned home and started sharing stories of our trip down at the pub with our mates, it would inevitably lead to some jealous listeners.

Combine all the above with our underlying passion for planning and completing adventures, the decision to start Mammoth Journeys was easy.

We love being on big adventures.

But we also love the problem solving approach of planning them as well. It helps that we are successful, of course. However, it never feels like a chore or work to plan for these Journeys, it's just plain simple fun.

So what is our aim then?

Our aim is for individuals to achieve something they never thought possible. We want people to create purpose in their life, rather than slip from one day to the next without achieving anything. On return from a Journey we hope that the lessons learnt can then be applied to any future tasks, and continue this adventurous trend.

You will find once you have experienced that feeling of unbeatable self confidence you want it more - it becomes your drug and your thrive to experience it again. So generally you set another far fetched goal and aim to succeed once again.

So there you go, in a nutshell. How we came about creating Mammoth Journeys and why we love what we do.

Next week we'll go through our motto "Create Purpose" as we try and get to the underlying reason why we love doing these amazing adventures.

You can also stay up to date with all our activities on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Speak soon,


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