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Iran: A Cycling Adventure

When we announced our new route the Iranian Explorer we were all so excited. For years we have been hoping to showcase this amazing country to enthusiastic riders and keen travellers.

Famous for its beautiful landscape, delicious food and amazing hospitality, Iran really is a playground for those wanting a true adventure away from the masses of tourists.

Blue skies, snow capped mountains and clear tracks - perfect

People may question Iran’s security, and whether it is a safe place to cycle.

At Mammoth we understand Iran’s past, and where these opinions have been developed from, and with Iran’s current involvement working alongside other nations in their fight against terrorism.

At the time of writing the UK Government’s FCO only advise against travel to the country is the region which borders Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan – not in the centre of the country, where our Journey goes through.

Other countries which have regions of advised travel restrictions include: Thailand, Egypt, and Indonesia. Now if someone was telling you they were visiting Bali for their honeymoon, a cruise down the Nile, or the Grand Palace in Bangkok, you wouldn’t batter an eyelid or be concerned with their safety. Iran is exactly the same.

Check out this travel risk map launched by global risks experts International SOS, which have calculated that Iran has the same low risk as the UK, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Travel Risk Map

Many people have cycled throughout Iran, and one common theme which they all feedback is how friendly and hospitable the country is, and the complete opposite to the stereotype which surrounds this country.

Couple this with its rugged yet beautiful mountain ranges, Iran is an adventure haven for those seeking that unique experience.

Iran Cycling Holiday

Iran: An adventure playground

So, if you are interested in a great cycling route, and looking to experience a culture very different from your own, I encourage you to check out our Iranian Explorer Journey.

With bike hire included in our price, and with all your meals and accommodation already organised, all you need to do is turn up, and enjoy this magnificent country in all its glory.

Happy riding Mammoth fans and don't forget to check out our Instagram feed for our latest updates.

Mammoth Journeys Cycling Holiday

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