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Stop waiting start doing!

Happy New Year Mammoth Fans to the first blog of 2019.

We hope you all have had a productive and fun January since all the festive fun has died down.

In our last blog we highlighted how important it was to set goals, otherwise you may potentially fall into the trap of letting time and life slip you by.

Now usually in January everyone is very keen to see out their new resolutions, but what we find is that come February people fall back into their old habits, that once perceived unattainable goal there were working towards has once again passed them by.

Here at Mammoth we had a great reminder recently on how important and successful goal setting is.

The Kathmandu Coast to Coast was completed again over the weekend and our Instagram feed was full of excited athletes about to embark on their incredible Journey across New Zealand. This marked a year to the day that I completed the Longest Daya 14 hour west to east crossing of the South Island of New Zealand. Having that goal of finishing the event and experiencing the beauty of New Zealand that most people don’t get to see, was a real driving force behind the training I was completing.

Lucy is currently in the same position as I was back then, as she is currently in training for the Lanzarote Ironman in May this year (which is why I get to take the lead on our Iranian Journey). So some long hours training and having to prioritise training over other activities, all of which will be worthwhile in the end.

Mammoth Journeys Coast to Coast

So this little message is a reminder to you all not to let that enthusiasm you felt at the start of the year dwindle. Refocus your attention and time, and remember why you started working towards that goal.

It doesn’t have to be an Ironman, it doesn’t even have to be anything athletic.

Perhaps some extra study you started has taken a back seat, or is the musical instrument you bought at Christmas currently collecting dust?

Whatever your interest don’t just sit idly by as the days tick on. No-one else is going to fulfil your dreams and goals for you – you have to do it yourself.

Remember – “Don’t count the days, make the days count”

Muhammad Ali Quote

So comment below what your goals and aims are for the rest of the year.

What have you got coming up which makes you excited?

For me, it has to be our Iranian Explorer tour in May, which is going to be a true cycling adventure in every capacity.

Happy riding Mammoth Fans and speak soon.


Mammoth Journeys Cycling Holidays

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