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With summer just around the corner what a great time to dust off the bivvy bag, the pannier bags and set yourself off on a microadventure!! Even if you don’t have any of this gear and you just want to experience the delights of a microadventure, you can. Sleeping under the stars, a sunrise sea swim, climbing your nearest peak/hill/mountain …anything that gets you out of the hum-drum of day to day working life counts as a microadventure. We want to encourage you to create purpose in your life!

#microadventure has been a term coined by the adventurer himself, Alastair Humpherys, who encourages people to get out and about and explore the world around them. He explains that it is a short, cheap, local adventure that is refreshing, challenging and exciting. It does not need to cost the world and often does not require a lot of gear.

Microadventures book Alastair Humphreys

A good way of dipping your toe into the world of microadventure is just starting out by doing something new each week. In 2016 we had just moved to Wellington, New Zealand, and in a bid to explore the local areas more we made a goal of doing 52 new things across the year. This led us to sleeping out under the stars with fish and chips on Miramar peninsula, checking out a local pop up sauna in an ISO container and even skinny dipping under the moonlight!! All things that we would not have done if we had not made that goal at the start of the year to try 52 new things.

Now - the days are now getting longer, mornings are getting earlier so we can utilise these extra daylight hours to explore. Pack a picnic Monday after work, walk up a hill to watch the sunset, enjoy the silence away from the hustle and bustle and fall asleep to the bird song. What better way to come into the office on a Tuesday morning when your colleague asks you ‘how was your evening?’ and you say – ‘great actually, I slept out under the stars and woke up to the sunrise’. Create memories and stories that you want your colleagues to be jealous of. Create purpose!!

There are so many inspirational #microadventure ambassadors out there to follow and seek fresh ideas from. Many of whom who have done epic adventures but state that they are no different to anyone else, they have two arms and two legs and able bodied. But they also have dreams, goals and a drive for adventure!! Anna McNuff, Hollie Woodhouse, Dave Cornthwaite, Brando Yelavich and Challenge Sophie are just a handful of inspirational adventurers who would all encourage you to start small and get out to explore our beautiful planet.

Here at Mammoth Journeys, we want you to create purpose in your life. Your time here is limited and there is so much in our beautiful world to see – whether that is on foot, by bicycle, running or a moon hopper! You are the only one who can create these epic stories that your colleagues will be jealous of – so get out and start your first micro-adventure NOW! #createpurpose

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