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The Worlds Worst Bike Pump

My first negative review of a product took place a few weeks ago and also took the title of Worlds Worst Bike Pump.

When buying a hand pump for a bike I believe it should serve a basic function of being able to inflate your tyres with minimal stress, and zero risk of the entire tyre being completely flat after you have attempted to pump them up.

Unfortunately for the Lezyne Pressure Drive hand pump it doesn't satisfy the basic principles expected and has one massive flaw, which in my head isn't worth the potential risks it brings.

When searching for my new bike pump I wanted it to have two features. Firstly I was keen for it to have a flexible hose. Similar to my track stand pump I believed that having a hose would allow some natural movement when pumping which would put less stress on the valve and pump, and potentially also offer a more secure connection. The second feature I wanted was to have a pump which was not plastic. I thought it would offer a more robust option and last longer.

This criteria led me to the Lezyne pump, but after a few months of use it was clear I was wrong on both my requests and this pump offered a risk which was not outweighed by it's other benefits.

Full video on our YouTube Channel along with a written account on our Cycling Equipment Page.

My review here is not unique to what other users have found. If you dig about you can see customers who have bought this pump who have succumbed to the same fate of this ridiculous hose. Even if you manage to work the hose correctly, which I have done on many occasions, the end result of how well the tyre was pumped up is 100% not worth the worry and anxiety you have when you remove the hose in complete fear your tyre will go completely flat.

You can tell fairly easily here that I think this pump is not good at all. No pump should have the risk of all your hard work being undone. You should not have any extra worry or concern the pump you have will work. It doesn't offer any extra benefit that other pumps have in terms of how well it pumps, to warrant this useless risk/function. I compare this to other hand pumps which are all unremarkable - which is what you want.

Avoid at all costs and instead go for something much simpler like the Topeak Pocket Rocket Mini Pump. Works on both values, cheaper than this pump and most importantly, won't self destruct.

Have you used this pump and had a better outcome? Or have you got similarly frustrated by it?

I'll be so interested to know other peoples experiences so please let me know on


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