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The Ideal Hardtail Mountain Bike - Marin Bobcat Trail 5

My latest video review is now live with the Marin Bobcat Trail 5 getting looked at.

In the midst of a local lockdown, like many others in the UK during 2020, I discovered a newfound love for exploring the outdoors on my bike. To navigate gravel routes and wooded trails, I sought a hardtail mountain bike that would suit my needs. After consulting with the Marin representative, I decided on the Marin Bobcat, which promised a perfect balance between cross-country rides and singletrack adventures.

Comfort and Looks:

Transitioning from drop-bar bikes to the Bobcat's upright position offered a comfortable riding experience. The Marin Trail geometry, featuring a slack head tube angle, provided confidence and predictable handling. The Bobcat's appearance is sleek with Marin's renowned craftsmanship shines through, ensuring durability and reliability.


The Bobcat's geometry showcases its trail-ready design. With a slack head tube angle and wide handlebars, the bike excels on mountainous terrain. The medium 29" model offers ample reach, allowing riders to shift their weight without compromising stability. The steep seat angle facilitates traction during climbs. Marin's extensive experience in building mountain bikes is evident in the Bobcat's quality, ensuring it can handle demanding rides with ease.

Robustness and Reliability:

When investing in a mountain bike, it is essential to consider its robustness and reliability. While a higher price point for road bikes often corresponds to improved performance, the extra cost for a mountain bike ensures a more durable machine that can withstand the demands of off-road trails. The Bobcat, though used for less demanding rides, has demonstrated remarkable durability. It retains its original ride quality, instilling confidence and eliminating concerns of mechanical failures.


Equipped with SR Suntour XCR forks with 120mm travel, the Bobcat provides a responsive and efficient ride. The option to install an internal dropper post enhances maneuverability on technical singletrack routes. The Shimano Deore rear derailleur and SunRace cassette deliver smooth and low-maintenance gearing, while the Shimano hydraulic disc brakes provide impressive stopping power. The WTB Trail Boss Comp tires ensure excellent traction even in wet and muddy conditions, complemented by the sturdy Marin double-wall rims.


The Marin Bobcat offers a comfortable and non-aggressive entry-level option for beginners in the world of mountain biking. Its high-quality components and upgradability make it a bike that can evolve alongside your skills. As a renowned brand with expertise in producing robust downhill bikes, Marin ensures that their trail bikes are equally reliable. I highly recommend the Marin Bobcat for beginners who want to explore local off-road paths, venture into singletrack adventures, and enjoy a durable and confidence-inspiring ride.

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