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City Cruiser or Single Track Trail-ster

We'll ignore the poor attempt at forcing alliteration for my description of the mountain bike in the title......

We've got two new Marin Bike reviews on the website, and both of them are very different to what we normally would ride. As you've probably seen we've reviewed 4 tourer/gravel bikes from Marin on our website and over on our YouTube Channel. Today is a little different as we've gone through our experience with the Marin Kentfield ST2 and Bobcat Trail 5.

The Kentfield ST2 is a retro looking city cruiser aimed at those short urban rides. A step-through frame, comfortable geometry and super easy gearing sets this up for an ace ride.

Marin Kentfield ST2 Review
Marin Kentfield ST2 Review

With it's semi-rough tyres we've used the bike on some compact gravel tow paths near us which opens up possibilities to those looking to explore. We found this bike would be a great entry level bike or for those looking for a reliable run-around for town who may not want to use their other bikes. For the full review follow it here.

The Bobcat Trail 5 is a hard-tail entry level mountain bike aimed for those cross-country routes but has single track capability. The 5 is the highest within the Bobcat range but on the lower-to-mid on the entire Marin range in terms of price. The value for money here is insane, as you get so much quality bike for your money it could potentially be the best 'bang-4-buck' bike we have ridden by Marin, which is quite a claim. It has a feel of a much more expensive bike and handles everything a beginner mountain biker (me!) can throw at it.

I've had so much fun on my Bobcat I absolutely love riding it. It offers something so different to the other bikes I have (obviously as it isn't a road or gravel bike!) it's like being on holiday every time you ride it. Check out the full review here.

I'll get some more reviews up in June after I finished the King Alfred Way. Spending my time sorting out the kit for that and getting some training when I can - although mostly eating left over Easter chocolate!

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Happy riding everyone and speak soon!


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