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Marin Nicasio+ Video Review

My Marin Nicasio+ video review showing you all the of it's features and specifications is now ready to view.

I shot the footage for this review way back in November 2021 but it's been collecting dust on my laptop since then. Clearly distracted whilst we were in New Zealand enjoying all of it's beauty!

I've had the Nicasio+ for around 18 months and during that time I have absolutely loved it. We took delivery of these bikes in summer 2020, and as everyone remembers everything was shut, you couldn't see anyone, and the only thing we could do was to exercise once a day and it had to be local. So during these restrictions I explored like a mad man every nook and cranny of our local area on this bike.

Pretty soon into my time with the bike I realised it was something special, and as a result my road bike became obsolete and hasn't left the loft since!

So head over to our YouTube channel and check out the latest video review of the Marin Nicasio+.

Keep an eye out on our Product Review page as we will be expanding the products we are reviewing to help you when deciding which bit of kit you should get next.

Check out some snaps of the beast to show how good it can be.

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Speak soon and happy riding!



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