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Product Reviews Now Live.

We've been very fortunate since our time with Mammoth to be partnered with two great companies - Marin Bikes and Thule. Through these two companies we have got to use some amazing products. Away from Marin and Thule we have also used loads of other brands over the years we have been cycling, and we believe it's a great opportunity for people to get honest, long term reviews of these products.

You may be aware that we have a YouTube channel where we upload video reviews from some of our products. We can't quite believe it but some of the videos on there are over three years old with over 100k views!

Reviewing the products a few years later and into writing allows a fresh take on things, and an opportunity to add more value as we have used these products for a longer period. It also allows us to keep all the reviews on our website as well.

Keep an eye on the link here for the product reviews as this will be expanding over the coming weeks. This can be accessed from the homepage on the main bar at the top of the screen.

So far we have our review on the Marin Four Corners and Marin Gestalt, Thule ProRide 598 and our Thule luggage live.

This will increase over the next few weeks as we check out the rest of our Marin Bike collection, some of our other Thule kit and also the rest of some of our cycling equipment.

If there is any specific products you would want us to review in the future please let us know by messaging us on our Facebook or Instagram pages, or simply email

Happy riding Mammoth fans and speak soon!



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