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Thule Luggage and Bike Box Review

Since Mammoth Journeys started

three years ago we have had the amazing support of Thule.

In the past 12 months we have been using some new kit from then in the way of a bike box and a selection of luggage.

As we our previous Thule kit we thought it would be helpful for you guys if you could see what the kit is like and how it fared on our adventures.

I will be honest, and it's probably very apparent in the video, with how excited I was to do the review of the RoundTrip Transition bike box.

I reckon it's the most impressive and well thought out bit of kit we've used.

Lucy heading to Lanzarote for her Ironman.

We also did another video going through the luggage we have been using this past couple of years.

Thule isn't as well known for their luggage as they are their transport solutions, but as with the rest of their products all the luggage we got was absolutely bomb proof.

Obviously it was very practical with some well thought out features, but it also passed the style test as well, and could be used for non-adventure trips and not look out of place.

Exploring France with our Thule gear


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